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B Clean Window cleaners use a reach and wash system that enables us to offer our customers a service that is professional, efficient and safe. Reach and wash allows a greater level of privacy, with the least amount of disruption and eliminates the need to work at height along with associated risks.

We service both domestic and commercial customers throughout Bristol, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, Gloucestershire & the South West of England.

Better Results

As a professional window cleaning company we seek to offer the best results possible with ultra clean, streak free results delivered in an efficient, fuss free, manner.

To achieve this we use Pure Water Window cleaning, otherwise known as “Water Fed Pole” or WFP Window Cleaning for short.

Unlike Traditional Window Cleaning this style uses only Pure Deionised Water on the glass, without detergents being used to to wash and rinse the windows, frames and window sills.

Tap water is full of impurities. The level of these impurities vary according to your location and it is these contaminates, which stop you being able to wash with water alone without leaving, marks, spots and smears.

Pure Water is water that has undergone a process to remove all mineral and particle pollutants from the water enabling it to evaporate without leaving any trace deposits behind. No squeegees or other drying techniques are needed for this spot free result and the absence of detergents means no sticky residue is left behind, meaning widows do not soil as quickly, in other words, windows stay cleaner for longer.

The water is pole delivered to the window via a special soft bristled brush from a tank and machine installed in the van. The long reaching poles we use can clean up to 80ft effectively and efficiently from the safety of the ground. Frames are cleaned at the same time as the glass.

Cleaning your windows without using unnecessary detergents or chemicals is kinder to the environment and socially responsible.

After removing the dirt and further rinsing with Pure Water the widows are left wet so the water can evaporate naturally, this prevents the introduction any contaminates leaving the windows sparkling clean.

Not just for windows

Pure Water cleaning is also safe and effective for cleaning Gutters, Clearance’s, Solar panels, Conservatories, Fascia and Sofits, Driveways/Patios. As only water is used there will be no harm to your plants or garden.

Where we operate

B Clean Window cleaners offer free site visits and quotations to all of its customers or potential customers in and around the Bristol area.



B Clean Window Cleaners


B Clean Window Cleaners


B Clean Window Cleaners


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For more information about our services or to discuss your needs and requirements please call us on ...

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